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Family Owned Business succession planning and continuity in succession
As we have indicated earlier that Research indicates that mostly 60% businesses collapsed due to unsuccessful transition from founding generation to next generation and at the stage of third generation transition only less than 10% family businesses survived. Following questions are making founding members uncomfortable.
1.   Are my successors strong enough to hold the Family Business with the same passion & leadership?
2.   Transfer of leadership means giving up the control from business along with the control of relations as parents & siblings, as the fate of business and their future lies with the new heirs creates some sort of uncertainty regarding the unexpected outcome of business or failure to manage business effectively.
3.   Elders know the inherent leadership strengths & weaknesses of their family members; this thought may create sense of uncertainty. In the presence of uncertainty .
    regarding successful transition and later management of Family owned Businesses along with the Family Wealth
One of the important keys in the succession planning is to make “Balance in Equity”, including that:
How much assets with decision power rests with Founding generations or senior entrepreneur?
How much assets with decision power rest with heirs and next generation?
How We Can Help our Clients?
  We foster a culture of “growing talent from within by providing training & development opportunities for clients including Family Members & Non Family Professionals” to equip them for the challenges of today & readiness of tomorrow.
  We simply provide advisory to our clients “Planning for future”, by assessing their issues, hidden dilemmas.
  We also help our clients to transfer the business leadership with the least harm to founders, business & family, because uncertain results of business transition drive emotions & stress levels to new heights.
  We help our client for successful succession of family business to next generation.
  We simply provide the advisory in the development & design of ownership structure and further management of control of family business.
  We help our clients to identify the potential successors and later after coaching, mentoring and trainings ; groom the identified successors to manage family business inclusive of family welfare & wealth management.
  We help our clients working with conventional approach: families who would like to maintain the ownership and control within family and then we simply review their intention, size of family and structure of organizations. No. of successors varies from organizations to organizations, no. may vary from single to multiple successors.
  We simply review the confidential family perceptions, leadership needs and business condition prior to planning succession
  We simply asses the organization and review the ownership model and suggest the succession planning suitable for the well being of family business. We submit our designed succession plan for board review and approval.
  Managing succession is about leadership, performance and rewards, this process intrigue the situation where non family executives take charge and control the business.