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Why Family Owned Business Consulting is Important?   Family Owned Business Succession Planning & Continuity in Succession
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Why Family Owned Business Consulting is Important?
Businesses are becoming more dynamic and demanding and challenges regarding business survival are getting tough day by day. Increasing size of family affects the culture, vision, values and dynamics of Family Owned Business. Research indicates that 60% of family business collapsed at second generations and only 10% of family business survived on third generation.

You may need Family Business Consulting to resolve the “issues” including succession, conflict, corporate governance and communication, in the presence of following situations, HR 24/7 can help to deal with it:
1.   If you are facing “issues” within your family business?
2.   If you are not certain that your family business will be successfully transited to the next generation or survive in future?
3.   If any of these “issues” causing state of conflict with in family or business?
4.   If any of these issues is creating hindrance in the growth of your business and its long term success?
5.   Family “Issues” affect Family Dynamics and later these issues are interfering with governance & leadership, which later affect the business performance.
If you are facing any of the above then surely you may need Family Business Consulting
  We help our clients to transfer the leadership from one generation to next generation.
  HR 24/7 simply provides the ‘Strategic Plan” which carries Family Owned Business into the future.
  We help our clients in designing the smooth “Road Map” for better family business governance. Clear road map ensures transparent Family Values, Family Practices and factors enabling success.
  We simply help our clients to develop “Code of Conduct” & necessary protocols to harvest best family practices.
  Helping our client in identifying the ownership/leadership issues within family business
  Helping our client to enhance interpersonal communication, which is if transparent  maintain peace of mind within family members.
  We help our clients to identify the generation gap among family members based upon relationships, emotions, loyalty & conflict. We simply provide the interface to manage these factors effectively with fair trust & cooperation.
  HR 24/7 help clients to identify the factors which are harming the profitability & viability of business.
What we can deliver?
  Simply aligning the vision, values & goals of family business for the peaceful progress of Family Owned Business.
  Identifying potential next generation leaders within family and further identifying potential nonfamily executives and synchronizing both aspects for smooth functioning of family business by unleashing hidden talent/potential.
  Helping our clients to Constitute Family Code of Conduct, Family Constitution, and Family Board for smooth administration of family governance structure.
  Advising our clients for Re-structuring/Division/Exit planning.