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Family Owned Business Strategy
80 % of Family Owned Businesses in the world have no clear Family Owned Business Strategy; they are dumped and lost the competitive business edge due to the following reason:
1.   Unclear Goals & Values
2.   Poor Communication
3.   Low trust
4.   Family Members roles & obligations are not clear
5.   Lack of insufficient expertise
6.   Absence of effective Board of Governors
7.   Not properly defined boundaries between Family & Business.
8.   Unsuccessful Collaboration among the Family Members & Non Family Professionals
9.   No clear policy including liquidity, Taxes, Equity, Merit, Shareholder Harmony & transparency in Compensation.
How Can We Help our Clients?
  Provide clear & transparent road map with aligned Vision, Mission, transparent Family Values, Family Practices and factors enabling success.
  Provide peaceful & effective business practices which are helpful for strong family governance.
  Provide the framework which addresses the issues based upon the Family Values, Business, Ownership and Later Leadership.
  Provide the culture which encourages the “Interpersonal Communication among Family members for better transparency.
  Provide the framework in which Family member’s roles, Responsibilities, and Rewards are well defined based upon Family Code of Conduct, which enables transparent results and further reflect transparent practices based upon mutual trust & confidence.
  We help our clients to integrate business and ensure the transparent business practices which are not only fair but acceptable to Family Business Members.
  We Helps our clients to create smooth Family Business Governance Structure through the creation of family forms including Family Council, Family Board, Family Office, Family retreats etc.