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Family Owned Business governance
Successful transition of business across generations is based upon the successful model of Family Governance. It is based upon the Fair trust among family members, transparent road map, mutual interest of every family member. As the size of families grows which has an impact on family business performance, therefore successful family governance ensures the success and longevity of the family business.
How we can attain the Objectives of Fair Family Business Governance?
  Aligned well structured “Vision” based upon defined “Family Values” & “Family Goals”.
  Constituting Code of Conduct & Protocols in order to avoid Family Conflict & smooth functioning of Family Business.
  We help our clients to identify the changing Family Dynamics with Changing Family Sizes.
  Designing & Establishment of Board of Advisors, Family Board & Family Council.
  Advising regarding conducting Family Meetings & Family Retreats
  Constituting the aligned/unified vision & describing the roles of each family member which is synchronized with the collective goal of family business.
  Advising regarding the approach; How to participate in business based upon their defined roles.
  Advising how to induct & later how to elevate the Non-Family professional in family business.
  Provides coaching regarding business skills & interpersonal communication because as the level of interpersonal communication rises, it minimizes the conflicts and enhances business skills.