Family Owned Business Consulting
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Family Owned Business transformation
We advise our clients regarding swift transition from founding/one generation to next generation by family dynamics and practices/values of family business. If these dynamics, values & perceptions are not carefully addressed then it might be possible that they may create hindrances for the growth of family business.
How Can We Help our Clients?
  We help our clients to design a clear & transparent road map by considering family dynamics, size of the family, family structure, family vision etc.
  We advise our clients for succession & continuity planning
  We help our clients for strategic planning for the transition process keeping in mind the core business & aligned businesses.
   Provide advisory for futuristic management structure.
  Provide advisory regarding how to conduct Board & C-level hiring
  Provide guidelines for the development of family governance system including family charter, constitution, family code of conduct and later family board.