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Family Owned Business dynamics
Business Dynamics are sometimes over run by family dynamics. We value the family dynamics therefore helping our clients to synchronize family dynamics with business dynamics for smooth functioning of family business. Family Dynamics revolves around the following;
a.   Behavior
b.   Attitude
c.   Competitiveness
d.   Recognition
e.   Emotions
f.   Conflict
  Family Dynamics are most of the time influenced and later changed by changing environment & changing family size.
  Due to induction of new/next generation at very entry level, there is GAP between two generations and due to that differences arise.
  Due to different attitudes which reflect the different personalities and later leadership style can change the vision and affect on family business dynamics.
  If Family Dynamics & Business Dynamics are aligned and balanced then it ensures the long lasting success of family business.
What we can deliver?
  Identifying the difference in personality style, individual values, Individual perceptions and ambitions.
  Simply designing the code of conduct & protocols to avoid conflicts.
  Constituting the aligned/unified vision & describing the roles of each family member which is synchronized with the collective goal of family business.